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Company NameA.I. Biotech
Principal ContactRob Harris
Contact's TitleCEO
Address601 Biotech Drive 
City, State, ZipRichmond, VA 23235
Phone(804) 648-3820
# of Employees155
SIC Code2836
ProductContract research organization serving pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Company NameAce Recycling
Principal ContactKen Mogul
Contact's TitlePresident
Address13101 North Enon Church Rd 
City, State, ZipChester, VA 23836
Phone(804) 318-3701
# of Employees14
ProductMaterials recovery facility; collector and processor specializing in construction and demolition debris (C&D) recycling.

Company NameAdamson Global Technology Corp.
Principal ContactGordon Conti
Contact's TitleManager
Address13101 N. Enon Church Rd 
City, State, ZipChester, VA 23836
Phone(804) 748-6453
# of Employees4
SIC Code3443
ProductPressure vessels, heat exchangers, fuel storage tanks, tube bundles

Company NameAFP Industries, Inc.
Principal ContactWayne Kish
Contact's TitlePresident
AddressP.O. Box 490 
City, State, ZipChesterfield, VA 23832
Phone(804) 275-1436
# of Employees43
SIC Code3592 3593 3594 3679 3622
ProductSales/design/service of hydraulic systems and electrical controls

Company NameAir Liquide
Principal ContactTracy Jolly
Contact's TitleDepot Manager
Address5901 Jefferson Davis Highway 
City, State, ZipRichmond, VA 23234
Phone(804) 743-0661
# of Employees15
SIC Code2813 5169
ProductDistribution center of bulk industrial gases

Company NameAir, Water and Soil Laboratories
Principal ContactW. Guy Becker
Contact's TitleCo-Owner
Address1941 Reymet Road 
City, State, ZipRichmond, VA 23237
# of Employees11
ProductEnvironmental Lab Services - analyzing wastewater, groundwater, drinking water and solids.

Company NameAirgas Carbonic Industries
Principal ContactJessy Collins
Contact's TitlePlant Manager
Address1200 Bellwood Road 
City, State, ZipRichmond, VA 23237
Phone(804) 458-9754
# of Employees1
SIC Code2813
ProductManufacture liquid carbon dioxide

Company NameAirgas Carbonic Industries
DivisionDistribution Center
Principal ContactEd Spaulding
Contact's TitleDistribution Manager
Address1300 Bellwood Road 
City, State, ZipNorth Chesterfield, VA 23237
Phone(804) 271-2520
# of Div. Employees33
Total # of Employees33
SIC Code5169
ProductDistribute liquid carbon dioxide

Company NameAirgas Merchant Gases
Principal ContactPaul Closson
Contact's TitlePlant Manager
Address13501 Allied Road 
City, State, ZipChester, VA 23836
Phone(804) 530-3252
# of Employees7
SIC Code2813
ProductLiquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen, gaseous nitrogen, liquid argon

Company NameAleris Rolled Products, Inc.
DivisionRichmond Operations
Principal ContactTony Harris
Contact's TitlePlant Manager
Address1801 Reymet Road 
City, State, ZipRichmond, VA 23237
Phone(804) 714-2100
# of Div. Employees95
Total # of Employees95
SIC Code3353 3365 3341
ProductRolling mill, mill products, aluminum sheet (operation established in 1959 by Reynolds Metals Company)

Company NameAllen Corporation of America
Principal ContactAmanda Donley
Contact's TitleProject manager/Business developer
Address16033 Continental Boulevard 
City, State, ZipColonial Heights, VA 23834
Phone804 -285-6920
# of Employees43
Productprovides professional svcs & best-in-class products to both public & private sector clients. Specialize in major technology areas: Logistics, Cyber Security, integrated networks

Company NameAllen Display & Store Equipment, Inc.
Principal ContactSteve Allen
Contact's TitlePresident
Address14301 Sommerville Court 
City, State, ZipMidlothian, VA 23113
Phone(804) 794-6032
# of Employees18
SIC Code2431 2517 2541
ProductStore fixtures, displays, commercial cabinets, school cabinets

Company NameAlsco
Principal ContactPat Polazzo
Contact's TitleGeneral Manager
Address1701 Touchstone Road 
City, State, ZipColonial Heights, VA 23834
# of Employees130
ProductCommercial laundry and linen supply company

Company NameALSTOM Power Inc.
DivisionGas Turbine Combined Plant Services
Principal ContactCheryl Wilner
Contact's TitleHR Director
Address2800 Waterford Lake Drive 
City, State, ZipMidlothian, VA 23112
Phone(804) 763-7000
# of Div. Employees601
Total # of Employees601
SIC Code3511
ProductHeadquarters, power generation equipment and service, manufacturing, assembly and repair for gas and steam turbine generator products

Company NameALSTOM Power, Inc.
DivisionRichmond Service Factory
Principal ContactSteve Schottelkotte
Contact's TitleFactory Director
Address1200 Willis Road 
City, State, ZipRichmond, VA 23237
Phone(804) 743-4700
# of Div. Employees120
Total # of Employees600
SIC Code3511
ProductManufacture, assemble and repair services for gas and steam turbine and generator products

Company NameAmcor Tobacco Packaging
Principal ContactBrian Jakicic
Contact's TitleSite Manager
Address701 Algroup Way 
City, State, ZipChester, VA 23836
Phone(804) 748-3470
# of Employees160
ProductManufacture cigarette packs and cartons for Philip Morris USA

Company NameAmerican Gasket & Seal Tech., Inc.
Principal ContactSherry Catlett
Contact's TitleSales
Address7400 Whitepine Road 
City, State, ZipRichmond, VA 23237
Phone(804) 271-0020
# of Employees8
SIC Code3053
ProductManufacture and sell seals and gaskets for industrial, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems, packing, orings

Company NameAmerican Sprinkler Systems, Inc.
Principal ContactW. Fields
Contact's TitlePresident
Address8121 Virginia Pine Court 
City, State, ZipRichmond, VA 23237
Phone(804) 271-4444
# of Employees3
SIC Code1711
ProductDesign, fabricate and install fire protection sprinkler systems; inspections and maintenance on existing fire sprinkler systems

Company NameAnalytic Stress Relieving, Inc.
Principal ContactMartin Kellie
Contact's TitleSales Manager
Address7523 Whitepine Road 
City, State, ZipRichmond, VA 23237
Phone(804) 271-5447
# of Employees22
SIC Code1711
ProductIndustrial heat treating

Company NameAnderson Machine Manufacturing Co.
Principal ContactB. Anderson
Contact's TitlePresident
Address214 Ruthers Road 
City, State, ZipRichmond, VA 23235
Phone(804) 272-5548
# of Employees9
SIC Code3565 3599
ProductCustom designed process and packaging equipment; custom spare parts

Company NameArrow Machine Manufacturing, Inc.
Principal ContactDennis Fletcher
Contact's TitleManager
Address309 Ruthers Road 
City, State, ZipN. Chesterfield, VA 23235
Phone(804) 272-0202
# of Employees7
SIC Code3565 3599
ProductCNC Machine shop, welding

Company NameAssembly & Design, Inc.
Principal ContactDoug Bronnenberg
Contact's TitleProduction Manager
Address425 Southlake Boulevard; Suite 1B 
City, State, ZipRichmond, VA 23236
Phone(804) 379-5432
# of Employees10
SIC Code3679
ProductContract manufacturing of electronic assemblies

Company NameAtlantic Construction Fabrics, Inc.
Principal ContactDave Brooks
Contact's TitlePresident
Address2831 Cardwell Road 
City, State, ZipRichmond, VA 23234
Phone(804) 271-2363
# of Employees90
SIC Code3999
ProductDistribute erosion control and soil stabilization products; install landfill liners and paving fabrics

Company NameAtlantic Constructors, Inc.
Principal ContactTerrence Kerner
Contact's TitlePresident.
Address1401 Battery Brooke Parkway 
City, State, ZipRichmond, VA 23237
Phone804 523-8800
# of Employees100
ProductMechanical and industrial contractor; provides design, fabrication, installation, and maintenance solutions for process piping, HVAC and plumbing, and fire protection systems

Company NameAvcom of Virginia, Inc.
Principal ContactJay Evans
Contact's TitlePresident
Address7729 Pocoshock Way 
City, State, ZipN. Chesterfield, VA 23235
Phone(804) 794-2500
# of Employees25
SIC Code3663
ProductSatellite and microwave communications products

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