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Chesterfield County has two enterprise zones and three sub-zones. An enterprise zone is a distinct geographical area of a county, city or town as designated by the Governor of Virginia. The state and local government enter into a twenty-year partnership designed to offer a package of incentives to encourage business expansion and recruitment.

The Jefferson Davis Corridor Enterprise Zone, which was effective January 1, 1994, is comprised of 3,840 acres along Route 1/301. The zone begins at the City of Richmond and extends south to Route 10.

The Jefferson Davis Corridor Enterprise Zone consists of one main zone and one sub-zone.  This sub-zone is located along Hull Street Road, beginning at Chippenham Parkway west and ending at 360 West Shopping Center (Turner Road).

The Walthall Enterprise Zone was announced by the Governor in 1995 and was effective January 1, 1996. This zone is comprised of 3,820 acres and encompasses a large portion of vacant, industrial zoned land. The zone begins at Route 10 and continues south along I-95 and U.S. Route 1/301 to the City of Colonial Heights.

The Walthall Enterprise Zone consists of one main zone and two sub-zones.  Sub-zone #1 consists of acreage to include the Meadowbrook and Meadowdale Shopping Centers at Hopkins Road and Chippenham Parkway; Sub-zone #2 consists of acreage along eastern Midlothian Turnpike, from Chippenham Parkway west to Providence Rd.

Companies locating in either of the two Enterprise Zones or sub-zones may be eligible for Chesterfield County incentives and/or Virginia incentives.

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