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Defense Logistics Agency Aviation

Defense Logistics Agency Aviation is headquartered at Defense Supply Center Richmond (DSCR). In 2010, the name of the aviation supply and demand chain changed from DSCR to DLA Aviation better representing the supply chains core mission. The name of the property remained Defense Supply Center Richmond.

Defense Supply Center Richmond sits on just over 600 acres in northeastern Chesterfield County, Virginia.

The center and its tenant organizations employ over 3,000 workers whose mission is to support the needs of the military services worldwide. DSCR is the primary source of supply for more than 1.3 million repair parts and operating supply items supporting 1,300 major weapon systems.  More than 444,000 of the items are aviation parts, including spares for engines on fighters, bombers, cargo aircraft and helicopters; airframe and landing gear parts; flight safety equipment; and propeller systems.

The installation ranks among the top ten employers in the Richmond metro area and is a significant contributor to the strength of local and Commonwealth economies. These, however, are only a few of the facts which make the installation a notable spot on the area landscape.

Also known as Bellwood, the center occupies one of the oldest inhabited parcels of land in the United States. The land felt the presence of English settlers just 12 years after colonists first arrived at Jamestown in 1607 and has stood witness to the panorama of the nation's history for almost four centuries.

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