Chesterfield Business Assistance

Doing Business with Local, State, and Federal Government

Doing Business with Chesterfield County

The Purchasing Department is the County service organization that has the responsiblity of centralized procurement of commodities, services, construction, and professional services for Chesterfield County and Chesterfield County Schools.

If you are interested in doing business with the county, you must complete a mailing list application to be added to the department's mailing list. Chesterfield County maintains a mailing list as part of its competitive bidding and competitive negotiation processes for procurement of goods and services. This list is used to solicit vendors for purchases of $30,000 or greater. To be included on this mailing list, please check those commodities/services for which you wish to receive notification of Invitations for Bids and/or Requests for Proposals. Please check only those services and commodities that you can provide. An application with all categories selected will not be considered a valid application. If you do not see a listing for the goods or services that you provide, please call (804) 748-1617.

The Purchasing Department posts all Current Invitations for Bid and Request For Proposals on the county's web site. Vendors interested in viewing that information can find it on the Purchasing Department home page.

Doing Business with the Commonwealth of Virginia

The Commonwealth of Virginia buys almost $5 billion in goods, services and construction annually. This business-to-government market represents growth opportunities for Virginia firms interested in selling their products and services to state government.

Virginia's government purchasing is conducted on eVA, the state's electronic purchasing system. eVA is managed by the Department of General Services (DGS), the Commonwealth agency which oversees state purchasing and sets related policies. The Virginia Department of Business Assistance (DBA) has partnered with DGS to develop educational tools and provide outreach throughout the Commonwealth, helping businesses understand how to use the eVA system.

The Commonwealth is committed to having an open and fair government marketplace. In an effort to reach diversity among state government suppliers, and make sure that historically underutilized businesses gain access to state contracting opportunities, the Commonwealth is tracking state government spending with small, women and minority owned (SWAM) businesses. All Commonwealth agencies maintain procurement utilization plans, with targets for spending with SWAM firms. Having this designation can increase your opportunities as a state vendor. The Department of Minority Business Enterprise oversees the Commonwealth's SWAM initiative and provides certification to firms interested in obtaining SWAM designation.

Doing Business with the Federal Government

Procurement Technical Assistance Centers  are a nationwide network of dedicated government procurement professionals whose goal is to provide businesses with:

  • an understanding of the requirements of government contracting, and
  • the know-how to obtain and successfully perform federal, state and local government contracts.

At little or no cost, PTACs provide a wide range of assistance covering every phase of government contracting from initial registrations through contract completion. 

The Crater Procurement Assistance Center serves businesses in the Tri-cities and Chesterfield County.  Their mission is to assist Small, Disadvantaged, Women Owned, and Disabled Veteran Owned businesses that want to increase their opportunities in the Federal, State, and Local Government marketplace. They also assist Prime Contractors source qualified small businesses to act as subcontractors for government contracts. The Crater Procurement Assistance Center is sponsored by the Defense Logistics Agency of the Department of Defense and the Crater Planning District Commission.

Their services and programs include:

  • Training classes on "Government Contracting", "Contract Administration", and the government's electronic commerce initiatives.
  • Procurement Fairs that bring together small businesses with government buyers and buyers from prime contractors to tell you what they need, and how to do business with them.
  • Helping you identify which government buying activity needs what you sell. Assist you to understand the Federal Acquisition Regulations and it's supplements.
  • Acting as ombudsman with government buying activities and prime contractors.
  • Providing computerized bid matching service that matches your goods/services with active government solicitations.
  • Counseling small businesses on the government acquisition process, including keeping you abreast of changing regulations, laws, and policies.
  • Acting as your resource for any question regarding government acquisition-we may not know the answer, but we know where to find it!

If you need information about the Center, please call (804) 861-1667.

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