Chesterfield Business Assistance

My Business Starts Here

My Business Starts Here

Starting and growing a business in Chesterfield County, Virginia just got easier!

With the launch of “My Business Starts Here”, Chesterfield Economic Development and the Chesterfield County Public Library have partnered to offer residents seamless service and resources for their small business needs.

While there are numerous resources available to entrepreneurs, getting the RIGHT help is a daunting task. One of the major obstacles to self-employment is the difficulty in gathering accurate and specific information to facilitate the process of starting a business. Potential entrepreneurs are immediately faced with not only the requirements of business operation, but also a myriad of local, state and federal forms, requirements, rules and regulations that can become overwhelming.

This new web portal,, is designed to direct entrepreneurs to solutions to their business questions. Users will find a step-by-step guide to starting a business, information on sources of capital, how to get a business license in Chesterfield, additional requirements for certain business types and information on how to do business with government. Users can access the portal from their home computer or any library location, where they can also utilize a host of free tools, free expertise, and free technology.

Chesterfield Economic Development (CED), along with support from the Board of Supervisors and County Administration, is committed to working with our existing, small, and minority businesses to help make them a prosperous part of the business community. By partnering with agencies like the Small Business Administration (SBA) and Virginia Department of Business Assistance, County departments such as the Community Development division, Chesterfield County Public Libraries and with other resource partners, both start-up and existing small and minority businesses can be provided technical assistance and access to business resources at the local level. Chesterfield Economic Development is your “corporate concierge” for business assistance.

CED currently offers: workshops and seminars, access to capital, site selection assistance, county permit process guidance, and one-on-one business counseling.

Look for additional “My Business Starts Here” locations to come online as we expand our partnerships to make access to business resources convenient countywide so that in Chesterfield County business really does “Start Here”.

The grass is greener.