Chesterfield Business Assistance

The Importance of Networking

Its Not What You Know, But Who You Know

The idea of connecting with people to share information and resources, or networking, is not a new one. Throughout history people have relied on one another to better themselves in all aspects of life. From getting that first job and generating business opportunities, to receiving personal advice, the benefits of networking are limitless. Networking is an important, invaluable, and essential activity that anyone and everyone should practice.

Successful businesses don’t operate in a vacuum – they make connections. Building a rich network of business contacts often requires considerable time, effort, and money. However, after establishing a well-rounded network, maintaining the professional relationships may be the most important component to success. It is the one element that turns the time invested in networking into referrals. Business is about relationship building – with customers, suppliers and other businesses – and networking is your key relationship-building tool. Give it as much attention as you give to all those other vital daily tasks and you will see tangible benefits.

There are a number of business and professional organizations that give Chesterfield businesses great networking opportunities. Take time to learn more about the organizations and get involved with those you may find most appropriate for you.

The Chesterfield County Chamber of Commerce  is an action-oriented business organization incorporated to promote a positive business climate for its membership and community; to promote the welfare of the citizens of Chesterfield County and to further the free enterprise system. The Chesterfield County Chamber of Commerce will provide leadership to promote the economy and responsible government. The Chesterfield Chamber usually meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

The Southport Association of Richmond is dedicated to serve the businesses in the Southport Business Park, located just southeast of the intersection of Courthouse Rd. and Midlothian Turnpike. Southport has over 500 businesses of all types, from one-person professional firms to international manufacturing companies employing 300 plus and everything in between. The Southport Association generally meets on a quarterly basis.

The Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (VHCC)  was founded to link the Hispanic community to Virginia businesses. The VHCC is the first Virginia organization to link the Hispanic community together statewide. The Hispanic population provides significant and much needed resources. The Hispanic workforce, including management talent and labor, offers Virginia businesses a vibrant and vital means to meet its current and future human capital needs. Most importantly, a truly multicultural workforce represents a major strength of Virginia’s commercial competitiveness in today’s global business environment. The VHCC sponsors a variety of networking events throughout the year. The VHCC is also home to the first bilingual Business Information Center in the country – funded through a grant from the U.S. Small Business Administration.

The ChamberRVA is building a thriving regional community by supporting the success of its members, providing a strong business voice and developing leaders and entrepreneurs. ChamberRVA works with an amazing group of talented business leaders to accomplish community building in a variety of areas to move the Richmond region forward. The Chamber offers a wide range of programs to meet the diverse needs of the region. ChamberRVA also offers a continuous selection of leadership programs designed to provide support for the region’s emerging leaders throughout their careers.

The Asian American Business Assistance Center (AABAC) helps Virginia Asian American businesses to compete in the American and global marketplace with strategic research, guidance, and connections. AABAC is a continuous learning community of economic development professionals, business community and academics passionate about increasing the quality of life of Virginians. AABAC functions as an “Asian Economic Development Knowledge Broker” to increase the “intellectual capital” of each of its members.

The grass is greener.