Chesterfield Business Assistance

Permit Process Guidance

Depending on the project, a business building or up fitting a facility may be required to obtain numerous permits. New construction may require rezoning of the property, existing facilities may require minor site plan approval for certain renovations or expansion and even installing a sign requires a permit. 

Large companies often have real estate divisions that are well versed in the regulatory process; however, small and mid-sized companies may not have the expertise or the knowledge to know what needs to be approved and how the process works.

Chesterfield Economic Development offers guidance to companies through the permitting process. Our project managers will help identify which approvals are required for a particular project and will go through the process with the business owner and his contractors to help the process proceed smoothly and make sure all the required permits are in place when the business is ready to occupy the facility.

>>>For information about development related procedures and fees, visit the Planning Department web page.

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