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Chesterfield County is committed to being the FIRST CHOICE business community. While attracting new businesses is a high priority, nurturing and assisting those businesses already established here so they may prosper and expand is equally important.

Our business climate is a very important determinant of Chesterfield County's vitality and growth. Essentially, this term refers to the extent to which the political and policy environments of a particular locality, compared with other jurisdictions, are seen to be supportive or burdensome to businesses.  The business climate is affected by tangible cost factors, such as land, labor and taxes. It also is affected by intangible factors such as quality of life and attitudes towards business.  Government has a big impact on the business climate since services provided by the public sector, such as education, infrastructure, taxation and regulation create the context within which companies operate.

In our ongoing efforts to ensure that we are doing all we can to maintain the most favorable business climate possible, Chesterfield County conducts face to face interviews with local businesses through our annual Business First Chesterfield Program and conducts the biennial Business Climate Survey, an anonymous mail survey sent to randomly selected local businesses.  We randomly selected 5,000 businesses to complete the 2008 Chesterfield County business survey.   Of the 5,000, 449 were completed and returned which constitutes a response rate of 10%.  This provides a confidence  level of 95%, with an error rate of +/-5% overall.

An independent survey firm processed the surveys, mailed them out, sent out reminder cards, collected completed surveys, and sent the electronic data results to Chesterfield County’s Quality Office for analysis.  The data was compiled and the results are presented in the 2008 Business Climate Assessment Results presentation.

For information on the Business First Chesterfield Program go to or contact Karen Aylward in Chesterfield Economic Development.  For additional information or questions on the 2008 Business Climate Survey contact Marshall Lewis in the Chesterfield Quality Office.

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