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Chesterfield County provides real estate information and customized economic and business information as requested by a company.  Chesterfield maintains a comprehensive business real estate database that is continuously updated through regular contact with commercial realtors and land owners.  If company representatives choose to visit the area, Chesterfield County will structure an itinerary that includes a community orientation and review of appropriate sites and buildings. Chesterfield can arrange meetings with providers of legal, financial, and other support services and provide introductions to corporate and governmental leaders.

Extensive Site and Building Inventory

Industrial and business sites in Chesterfield are as numerous as they are varied, accommodating diverse types of business and industry.

The Department of Economic Development's computerized site inventory system lists more than 175 individual sites of various sizes with rail, highway, airport access, and deepwater frontage. Ten major office parks contain nearly 2.4 million square feet of class-A office space. Fifteen major industrial parks, which offer over 2,500 acres of available industrial land, are located throughout the county. All have hard surface roads, water, and sewer. Some also have rail access. The site inventory system can be searched online.

Adjoining the Chesterfield County Airport is the publicly-owned Chesterfield Industrial Park, with over 100 acres still available for light industrial development. The park offers all underground utilities, hard surface roads, and access to general aviation facilities. State Route 288 provides easy access to the interstate highway system for park occupants. More than 100 businesses and light manufacturing companies are located in the Chesterfield Industrial Park.

The grass is greener.